Thursday: 2:55 PM “Alright, there. Now we have each others numbers. Feel free to text me any questions you have about the school, or classes, or whatever. But moving on to the gyms. One is used for P.E. class and the other is used for sports like volleyball and basketball. Oh, but I’m gonna stop... Continue Reading →

The Last Cowboy

“You did it! I saw you push it!” My neighbor hissed at me. I was accused of pushing over her pink bicycle, which I had no recollection of doing. Perhaps her shrill voice had caused me to black out and in that state I had spitefully knocked over her bike, but I don’t believe I... Continue Reading →

An Awkward Conversation

It was a wet morning and the ground seemed to sweat towards the city’s drains. I walked, shoulders tensed, as the rain dripped down my coat and off the brim of my hat. I kept a swift pace as I was not one to dilly dally while vulnerable to the sky’s droplets. I then took... Continue Reading →

Are You Happy?

PART I While watching Bo Burnham’s comedy special, Make Happy, you first encounter the question: “Are you happy?” Amidst the melancholy of his piano Bo asks you “on a scale from one to zero, are you happy?” You never really thought about it. Am I happy? Do I need to know now? But because you’re... Continue Reading →


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